How easy you can make a pop song

Whether one agrees, a song does not happen magically. Several factors need to be considered and it’s only needed as many steps to develop a piece of success that could make dancing to the listeners. So I tried to dissect the different phases of the composition of a song, the famous loop for final mastery.

Literally he will be here to create a loop. This loop is the foundation of the instrument, it corresponds to the base on which you set the entire piece. To discuss with several artists, everyone agrees to say they just listen to a 15-second tool (about the length of a loop) to see if they like it. So I will not hide that this is where everything is happening. During this first step, you will set a lot of parameters: tempo, instruments, sound benches, chord (still before the song, I explained here) and eventually your rhythmic instrumental. From there, you already have a solid foundation to continue.

But honestly, this really does not matter because there is not one school better than the other: each way of doing has indeed its own advantages and specificities. In composition, everyone is free to do as he wishes. All methods are good as long as you are satisfied with the final result. The best approach will be the one that suits you best.
This is the method I use personally Buy Pop instrumental Beats

I usually start by composing a musical loop (whether it’s piano, guitar, or bass).
Depending on what the music inspires me and how I feel, I then try to find a general theme for the song. You can also set the theme of your song beforehand, and compose your music according to this theme.
Once I have a vague idea of ​​the subject of the song, I begin to hum over this loop until I find a melody that I like.
By humming, I begin to naturally replace some “huum” with words. These words come to me very naturally; I do not want them to form sentences that make sense. I just say what goes through my head and what inspires me at the moment. Singing by pretending to speak a real language based on sounds, and a few words taken here and there, is what is called in the jargon “to make yoghurt”.
And finally, I use the few words I put as “pivots” to build around real phrases. Of course, I take care to respect the theme that I defined at the beginning of the song.